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What's the difference between Edge-lit and Direct LED ?

There are two types of LED TV. Whilst they are both lit using the same lighting type(white LEDs to light the LCD panel), they are both lit differently.

One type of LED backlighting is referred to as Edge lighting (or Edge-lit). In this method,a series LED backlights are placed along the outside edges of the screen. The light is then dispersed across the screen. The advantage of this method is that the LED/LCD TV can be made very thin. On the other hand,the disadvantage of Edge lighting is that black levels are not as deep and the edge area of the screen has a tendency to be brighter than the centre area of the screen.

The other type is Direct lighting(otherwise known as Full LED or LED backlit). In this method, several rows of LEDs are placed behind the entire surface of the screen. The advantage is that these sets can employ "local dimming".This local dimming improves the blackness of an image,at a cost of a potential"halo" effect for bright images on dark backgrounds.

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